Why Your Generator Is Not Starting And How To Fix It

what’s up everyone thank you for stopping by the Blog. today’s project is this wind generator; the problem is that it hasn’t been used for a while and now it won’t start. Let’s take a good look at it, find out what’s wrong with it and hopefully, we can fix it.

 In this article, we try to repair this generator however it may not be the exact repair that you need to make to yours we’ll explore other options.

 Later in the article now this is not a heavy-duty generator, by any means but there is a place for this particular size unit besides lights and fans the best use for it would be to keep a refrigerator or a deep freeze working. 


Why Generator Has Refused To Start 


However, this one’s not doing anything right now and the main reason is it sat for a long time and now it won’t start now this thing isn’t very old and it only has a couple of hours on it but if you leave gas in a generator for a long time without any stabilizers you’re going to have a hard time starting it.

Why Your Generator Is Not Starting And How To Fix It

Gas Tank

The first thing I want to do is check to make sure the gas in the tank isn’t old and stale which happens a lot in generators and by the looks and smell of it, it is fresh so that’s not the reason why this thing isn’t starting now.

Check Oil

 before I try and start this thing I want to check the oil and make sure it’s at the right level after wiping the dipstick off and putting it back into the engine you can see there’s plenty of oil in it and the color is absolutely perfect so we don’t have to do an oil change for once now.

Next, I’ll try and start it and see what it does and doesn’t do well. It didn’t even try to start.

Spark Plug

So now I’m wondering if we even have the spark to check for spark. I’m going to use my spark checker which you can buy online for a few dollars. 

Unfortunately, there’s no room to get to the spark plug so you’re going to have to remove the fuel tank to get to it, and luckily it’s pretty easy to remove.

 So all you have to do is install it in line with the spark plug, pull the rope a few times, and watch for an orange glow in the tester so we do have a spark.

which is great news, now the next thing I want to do is remove the spark plug and examine it to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it. It looks to be in pretty good condition, there’s no carbon buildup on it and its color is dark brown which is absolutely fine.

Now next I want to install my compression tester and see what kind of number I can get I want to see a number above 100 psi and the higher the better I’m sure there’s a compression release so it might be a little bit lower than expected though so the number is about 95 psi which makes sense because of the compression release so I’m sure the real number is much higher than that but it’s more than enough for this engine to start and run. 

Check Carburetor

the next thing I want to do is remove the carburetor and inspect it for any problems now I’m going to remove this bar out of my way to make filming a little bit easier but it’s not necessary now you can’t just slide the carburetor off the studs without bending the governor linkage the easiest thing to do is double net the left stud and remove it after that you can slide the carb off the right stud now before I remove the bowl nut and the bowl I want to open the drain screw and collect the gas and see if there’s any debris in it now the bowl that I’m using wasn’t completely clean so there are a few small specks in the gas but for the most part there’s no debris in the gas that came from the bowl itself.


 Next, I’ll remove the bowl nut in the bowl, and after that, I’ll remove the brass main jet and check it to see if it’s clear so here’s the main jet and there’s supposed to be a hole in the middle of it but as you can tell it’s definitely blocked now to clear it I’m going to use this small diameter wire. If you don’t want to use wire then you can use some compressed air and after running it through it for a bit you can tell it’s opened up again. and after that, I’m going to reinstall it back onto the carburetor and then put the bowl and bolt it back on now before I install the carburetor I want to check the flow from the fuel valve if it’s slow it means the fuel filter has varnish all over it but this flow is just fine so I’ll continue with the installation.

Low Oil Sensor

 Another reason why your generator might not be starting is that the low oil sensor might have failed and the result is a no spark situation to test for that.

 disconnect the sensor and check for spark again if you have a spark you’ll need to replace the low oil sensor to keep this from happening again in the future.

 I would turn off the fuel valve and let the engine run until it stops or drain the gas from the bowl.

 I would also suggest using gas with no ethanol in it and if possible using some sort of gas stabilizer as well now before I put everything back together. I’m going to loosely mount the fuel tank and try starting the engine.

 just to make sure it works first now I’m only going to put a little bit of fuel in the bowl just in case the carb decides to leak but I don’t put enough in it as you’ll see here in a bit.

 as you just saw it started up pretty easily but it started surging because it was running out of fuel now. 


After I turned the fuel valve to the on position it ran like it was supposed to. Now that I know that works fine I’ll finish putting the rest of the generator back together.

 I’ll use this 250-watt light to put a small load on the generator so the generator is starting and working like it’s supposed to and the last thing is to run the generator dry after closing the fuel valve.

 Now I prefer this method but use whatever process you want to ensure the carburetor bowl and the fuel lines are empty of gas my question is how do you store your generator do you leave it empty or do you fill it up with stabilized gas ready for use personally I keep my tank empty thank you for watching I really appreciate your time here please feel free to ask any questions and I hope to see you in my next article

Updated: October 1, 2022 — 4:12 am

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