Wendy’s 10 Piece Nugget Price 2022

Wendy’s is a fast-food chain that offers a variety of chicken products. The company has been in the industry for over 50 years and currently has 6,500 restaurants worldwide.

In an effort to stay competitive and keep up with the times, Wendy’s is exploring new ways to offer more value to its customers. They have recently introduced the 10 Piece Chicken Nugget Box which is available for $4.99.

The 10 Piece Chicken Nugget Box includes 10 pieces of fresh chicken nuggets and comes with a choice of dipping sauces: honey mustard, ranch, BBQ, or honey mustard sauce.


Wendy’s 20 Piece Nugget Price 2022


The prices of Wendy’s nuggets will be increased from $2.00 to $3.00 in the year 2022. This is a result of the rising cost of corn and soybeans, which are key ingredients for chicken feed.

The price increase will not affect Wendy’s other menu items; it will only impact the 20-piece nugget price.


Wendy’s Menu Prices and Calories


Name Size Cal. Price
French Fries S 260Cal $2.39
French Fries M 350Cal $2.89
French Fries L 470Cal $3.09
Baconator Fries 460Cal $3.99
Chilli Cheese Fries 520Cal $3.89
Cheese Fries 440Cal $3.49
Chilli S 240Cal $2.49
Chilli L 340Cal $3.29
Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato 310Cal $3.09
Plain Baked Potato 270Cal $2.69
Bacon Cheese Baked Potato 440Cal $3.69
Chilli & Cheese Baked Potato 500Cal $3.69
Cheese Baked Potato 450Cal $3.39
Pub Fries 480Cal $4.19
Apple Bites 35Cal $1.49
Strawberries 20Cal $1.89



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Wendy’s 10 Piece Nugget Price 2022


The prices of Wendy’s nuggets are $1.99, $2.79, and $3.69 for the three sizes which are small, medium, and large respectively. The prices were calculated based on the data from 2018-2020 and it is estimated that in 2022 these prices will rise to be around $2.50, $3.00, and $4.00 respectively for the same three sizes of nuggets according to current inflation rates and economic growth rates.




Wendy’s is a fast-food chain that offers chicken sandwiches, salads and fries. It was founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio and now has over 6,500 locations around the world.

The company is famous for its square hamburgers and the “4 for $4” promotion. Wendy’s operates more than 6,500 stores in North America and Europe. The company’s headquarters is located in Dublin, Ohio.

In 2017, Wendy’s announced a new 10-piece nugget promo that would be launched on January 1st 2018. The new promotion was supposed to be available exclusively at US restaurants but due to high demand, it was extended to Canada as well.

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