How Much Pasta For 20 Guests? How Much I Used

How do you get the right portion of pasta for cooking? You got some old-time friends, how do you prepare pasta that won’t end too much when cooked.

I have received several e-mails from several pasta lovers on how to measure pasta for a certain number of people.

Getting to know the end quantity of dry pasta is rightly important to be considered, it will help you to save wastage on your Pasta.


We’ve done our research and gotten the exact pasta that you need for the range of people you want. It is calculated in grams, ounces, and oz per person.


Therefore, I will be showing you how you can measure pasta for a certain number of people.


How Much Pasta for 20 Guests?


How Much Pasta for 20 Guests?


Choosing how much pasta you want to buy for 20 guests requires you to measure certain factors, such as the Serving size: are you preparing the pasta for kids or adults.

Also, the type of pasta, are you cooking dry pasta or fresh pasta? I am pretty sure you are been more concerned with the dry pasta, it is kind of the most popular pasta in the US.


Therefore, our study will be based on how much dry pasta is for 20 guests, if your guests are actually adults, the average size an adult will take is 2 oz. Therefore, if you have 20 guests and you want to prepare just an average pasta for each person then you can do the calculation:


Number of oz per Person = 2 oz

Number of Guest = 20


So in getting how much dry pasta your 20 guests will take by multiplying the number of oz per person by X number of guests.

Which in this case is going to be 2 X 20 = 40 ounces, therefore, you will be needing 40 ounces of dry pasta to feed your 20 guests. 

Now that you have gotten the total amount of ounces of dry pasta to feed 20 guests, you will be needing 2 boxes of pasta.


Each box of pasta is equal to 16 oz since 16 oz isn’t up to the 40 ounces needed to feed the guest, meaning you will be needing an extra 2 boxes of pasta.

Put more simply, if you already haven’t purchased the Pasta at the store: in feeding 20 guests, you will be purchasing 2½ boxes of pasta.


However, these measurements may not always be the same case, some adults can take up to 4 oz, while some can take less, something around 1½ oz. Therefore, you have to determine how hungry your guests are. 


If your Guests consist of both adults and kids, you can quickly do the calculation in order not to prepare a lesser amount of pasta for your Guests.


In my suggestion, if you are unsure about the Pasta-Hungry like of your Guests, you can try adding about 3 – 4 oz to the 40 ounces, making it 44 ounces instead of 40 ounces needed to feed 20 Guests, this will help handle Guests that likes pasta and are ready to take up to 3 – 4 oz.


How Much Dry Pasta for 200 People


How Much Dry Pasta for 200 People


200 people are quite large, isn’t it? and therefore, you will be needing a higher amount of pasta in total, in cases like this, when you are unsure of the serving size of each person.


Therefore, some might take an average of 2 oz, while some might take as high as 4 – 5 oz, while others might take some lesser, probably around 1 – 1½ oz, therefore, you need to consider these variables.

The best option you could set yourself is to lay down 2 oz for everyone as an amount per person.

Therefore in total, you will be needing 200 ounces for 100 people, which equates to 12½ boxes of pasta.


How Much Spaghetti Do I Need for 20 Adults?


How Much Spaghetti Do I Need for 20 Adults?


How much spaghetti do you need for 20 adults, following the formula I have stated above, will help you calculate how much spaghetti will be needed to feed 25 adults.

In this case, we are dealing with adults and therefore, 2 oz of pasta will be okay per adult.



Number of oz per adult = 2 oz

Number of adults to be served = 25


How much spaghetti that can feed 25 adults will be 2 ox X 25 = 50 ounces.

Therefore, you will need 3.13 boxes of spaghetti to feed 25 adults. Since you are feeding adults, you can’t decide on their serving size, while you can still maintain the 2 oz, some others can take as high as 4 oz Pasta. Therefore, in order not to have a Pasta shortage, you have to consider these sets of people.


By adding a little oz to the original ounce, probably around 4 to 6 ounces can be okay to feed 25 adults and as well take care of those who might take a higher serving size.


How Much Pasta Per Person?


How Much Pasta Per Person?


Here is a table that summarises everything for you, if you bother about much pasta that will be enough for 20, people, 30 people, 40 people, 50, people, 60 people, 70 people, and 100 people. The table also went into detail to tell you how much pasta per person in grams.

This table contains all the data that you know – Find Out 👇👇


The number of People Ounce per Dry Pasta Boxes(oz) Gram (gram)
20 40 2.5 1134
30 60 3.75 1701
40 80 5 2268
50 100 6.25 2835
60 120 7.5 3401.9
70 140 8.75 3968.9
100 200 12.5 5669.9


The table above shows how much Pasta you will be needing for a certain amount of people, the table, therefore, is based on a 16-ounce box size per Pasta and a 2 oz per person. 


How Much Dry Pasta Do You Allow Per Person?


How Much Dry Pasta Do You Allow Per Person?


Dry pasta is more popular compared to fresh pasta, in calculating how much dry pasta you can allow per person depends on the eating capacity of your audience.

If you are dealing with children, 1 oz per kid should be okay, this is a result of the children eating range. 

Coming down to adults, the serving size of adults may vary. I once had a college friend who can take up to 5 oz of dry pasta on a go, probably because he likes pasta. 


While there are adults who barely take up to 2 oz of pasta, which may be around ⅔ oz.

Therefore, you need to take into consideration these kinds of people, in order not to get the cooked pasta short.

But on an average count, in cases where you will be sharing a dry pasta with an indefinite number of people, you can make 2oz of pasta equal to one adult.


Therefore, the amount of pasta per adult largely depends on the type of people you are feeding, you can’t set the amount to 2oz for building engineers, something about 3 – 4oz will be recommended.


When You Might Need A Lesser Amount of Pasta?


When You Might Need A Lesser Amount of Pasta?


Not all time you might need a 2oz or higher pasta amount per person, there are certain times this might result in great wastage of your Pasta.

Mostly, when dealing with kids who are around 4 – 8 ages, should be given a lesser amount per person, probably around ½ oz, children might tend to eat less, and therefore, using the adult standard might result in your Pasta remaining.


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I am pretty sure that you can now make calculations on how to measure the exact proportion of pasta for whatever amount of people you are dealing with. 

Once you are able to use the formula I mentioned earlier you could easily calculate the proportion of pasta suitable for a particular set of people.

If you are using 2oz per person, you must ensure you are applying the decision correctly, when dealing with a hungry adult, you must ensure an adjustment of up to 3 to 4 oz per adult.

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