How Much is a Famous Bowl at KFC?

How much is a famous bowl at KFC?

The price of a bowl at KFC varies depending on the size. This is because there is a huge difference in the amount of food that goes into each bowl.

The smallest size, the Original Chicken Bowl, has 500 grams of chicken and costs $3.49. The largest, the Double Down Dog, has 2 kilograms and costs $13.99.


How Much is a 15 Piece Bucket at Kfc?


This is a question that is asked by many people. Some people might ask this question because they are ordering a large meal and they want to know how much it will cost.

Others might ask this question because they are trying to figure out how much to tip the person who brought them the bucket. The answer to this question depends on what you order and where you order it from.

If you order a KFC bucket meal, then the price of it can range anywhere between $5-$10 depending on what kind of chicken, bread, and drink you order with it. If you order from KFC in Japan, then your price will be $2 for the same meal that would cost $5 if ordered in America.


How Much is a Famous Bowl at Kfc


KFC is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world. They sell a variety of dishes and their prices vary depending on the type of dish.

For example, a small bucket of chicken is priced at $8, while a large bucket is priced at $12. The cost of KFC’s famous bowl varies depending on what type you buy.

A small bowl will cost between $3-5 while a large one will cost around $7-10. The price depends on what type you buy and how much it weighs.

The difference in price can be as high as 100%. KFC’s famous bowls are typically made up of fried chicken pieces with mashed potatoes, gravy, and vegetables such as corn or green beans.


How Much is Kfc Zinger in Jamaica?


The KFC Zinger is a chicken burger that is a part of the KFC menu. It comes in many different variants, including a spicy version and a vegetarian option. The price for the KFC Zinger ranges from $2 to $4 depending on where it was bought. In Jamaica, the price is $3.


How Many Calories is a KFC Famous Bowl?


The KFC Famous Bowl is a popular dish in America. It consists of mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy, and cornbread.

The bowl is a meal that can be ordered with any side dish of your choice. The KFC Famous Bowl contains about 690 calories.



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The KFC Original Recipe is a famous chicken dish that has been served in the restaurant chain since its founding in 1952. In the U.K., a large fried chicken meal usually costs around £6, with many people eating at least two meals per week.

In the United States, a large fried chicken meal can cost as much as $10 and is not uncommon for people to eat at least one meal per day. If you have any more questions about “how much is a famous bowl at KFC“ please ask using the comment section.

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