How Much Fried Chicken Per Person? I Tried It

Fried Chicken is a great option considered by most people, it is not only categorized as one of the most popular meats worldwide but also regarded as one of the most delicious meats you will ever find at popular restaurants, eateries, and even at home.


However, you might be asked to get fried chicken for a certain number of people. How do you decide on the number of chickens each person is going to take?


Note, you just have to hover your way around identifying the number of chickens each person is going to take because it serves as a roadmap to the total number of chickens you will be preparing.


Therefore, in this article, I will be walking you through how many chickens are needed per person.


How Much Fried Chicken Per Person



How Much Fried Chicken Per Person


Deciding on the amount of Fried Chicken you will be needing depends on the size of chicken you Intend to fry, on average, you should be needing about 3 – 4 chickens per person.


However, this amount tends to be dynamic, it can either increase or decrease, depending on the needs of the people you are feeding. This is because not everyone might eat the same amount of chicken.


For guests containing both children and adults, you will certainly want to consider the different sizes of a chicken when dealing with both. Probably, while adults may take as much as 3 – 4 chickens, children might take as much as 1 – 2 chickens, depending on the eating size of the children.


This also happens among adults, not adults sharing the same sizes of chicken that will be consumed, therefore, you need to put all this into consideration when deciding on the number of chickens each person is going to take.


How Much Fried Chicken Do I Need For 100 People?


How Much Fried Chicken Do I Need For 100 People


For a total of 100, you will have to consider the number of chickens based on the size. If you are to prepare the chicken breast, which will be about 2 – 3 per person, therefore, you will have to provide up to 200 – 300 chickens for a group of 100.


The other way round, probably considering the leg of a Chicken, if you look closely the leg isn’t as big compared to the breast of a chicken, which will be 3 – 4 legs per person, Therefore, you will have to prepare approximately 300 – 400 chicken for a group of 100.


If you are considering frying the wings of a chicken, then each person will have to take about 4 – 5 wings respectively, therefore, you will be needing about 400 – 500 fried wings of chicken for 100 people.


However, you may not necessarily follow this kind of arrangement, but you can opt-in, probably, frying the chicken based on the three sizes of chicken  I have listed, the breast, wings, and legs.


How Many Pieces Of Fried Chicken Should I Eat?


How Many Pieces Of Fried Chicken Should I Eat?


Depending on the amount of chicken you can eat, you know yourself more than anybody, therefore, the amount of chicken you can eat is best known to you. But on average, you shouldn’t eat anything more than 5 fried chicken on a go.

The number tends to reduce based on your present hunger for chicken, sometimes, you may not be hungry, therefore, purchasing about 5 chickens won’t be a good idea.


How Much Chicken Do I Need For 10 Adults?


How many chickens will you need for an adult of 10? Note, that you are dealing with adults and not children or teenagers, therefore, you must ensure that the number of chickens is based on adult sizes.


Therefore, for an adult of 10, you will probably need about 30 – 40 chickens, that is, if each adult is to take 3 – 4 chickens.


How Much-fried Chicken For 40 Adults


Are you considering preparing chicken for 40 adults, well for each adult, you will need around  3- 4 chickens, if it is going to be served as a main meal, while if you are considering making it as a side, then you will need to prepare about 2 – 3 chicken per person.

Therefore, the number of chickens needed for 40 adults will range from 30 to 40 chickens. If you are to consider something lesser, then you will need about 20 to 30 chickens for 40 adults.


How Many Chickens Do I Need For 12 People?


For several 12, you will need about 36 to 48 chickens, that is, each person will have to take about 3 to 4 chickens. However, the amount of chicken you need depends largely on the intended size you want to share with your guests.



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Fried Chicken Recipe


Fried Chicken Recipe 1

Fried Chicken Recipe 2







Therefore, in brief, the amount of chicken needed per person depends on the size of Fried Chicken you are considering. If you intend to fry the breast, that is a whole lot of chicken and therefore, you will need about 2 – 3  fried chicken per person.


You may also want to consider other sizes of fried chicken available since they play a notable role in determining the number of fried chicken each person can take.

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