How Many Pounds Of Stuffing Per Person?

How much stuffing is needed per person? It is very important to calculate how much stuffing each person is likely to consume. 

This is a convention if you are to prepare stuffing for a large group and wondering how much stuffing each person is likely to take. 

Therefore, I will be walking you through how to calculate determining how much stuffing will be needed per person.

It is very important to make the right calculation of how much stuffing each person can take so that you won’t end up making excess stuffing or Less stuffing as the case may be.


How Many Pounds Of Stuffing Per Person


How Many Pounds Of Stuffing Per Person


On a general rule of thumb, you will be needing half a cup per person. Before you can begin deciding on the amount of stuffing that will be needed per person, you need to have considered certain factors such as

  • How many people you will be serving
  • Their serving size, and probably the amount you will serve for someone who is 20 years of age, won’t be in the same category as someone in his or her early eighties. This will give you a guide in understanding how much stuffing each person can take.
  • Will you be serving it as a main meal, or as a side dish, either option you decide to choose has a great telling on the amount of stuffing needed.


Sometimes, people find it quite difficult to choose how much stuffing per person, most especially when dealing with a large count of people. 

Once you can identify the number of cups of stuffing you will be preparing for each person, it is also important to consider the number of boxes you will be buying at the store.

In a box of stuffing, there is a 6 Serving size, which in turn, for every group of six you will be needing 1 box. Remember, I said one box contains 6 serving sizes.

The table below shows the number of stuffing boxes and cups needed for a particular number of people, it may be guests or Friends.


The number of People Cup Needed Per Person Cups Needed Total Number of Boxe(s) Needed
10 ½ 5 2
20 ½ 10 3
35 ½ 18 5
50 ½ 25 8


If you are dealing with a higher number of guests, then you can consider using the calculation I have used in getting the amount needed for each person, and the number of boxes needed per group of people. 


How Many Cups Of Stuffing For 50?


How Many Cups Of Stuffing For 50


Probably, you are a caterer and you are wondering how many cups of stuffing will be needed for 50. Being the caterer, you can make decisions on how you Intend to prepare the stuffing, either deciding on half a cup per person, or one cup per person.

In either of the options you have decided to adopt, you will be needing about 25 cups of stuffing or 50 cups of stuffing


Understanding Stuffing Serving Sizes


It’s very important to understand the stuffing serving sizes, this not only helps you in making the right decision but also, considering that you will be dealing with an unsure number of people.


Every box you will purchase on any store outlet comes with a specific number of people it can serve, most regular boxes you will purchase come with serving size, meaning, you will be needing up to 6 people or guests for one box of stuffing.


This means, that for every box there are 3 cups of stuffing. You might be wondering why 3 instead of 6. Each person shares half a cup of stuffing, meaning for each box, each guest you will be feeding does contain half of each cup, making it a serving size of 6 people.


When Should I Make More Stuffing?


It is very important to note when exactly you should make more stuffing, you can only make a precise amount of stuffing only when you know the number of people you will be preparing for.

Therefore, to prevent any future inaccuracies, you should ensure to make a higher amount of stuffing, although this may not end up as expected, probably, rather than preparing a higher amount of Stuffing, you might end up preparing a lesser amount.


Other cases where you need to prepare more stuffing is when you are sure that the people you are dealing with are hungry bellies being, and might end up taking the irregular amount decided per person.

Therefore, in situations like this, you can try to increase the amount of stuffing per person, instead of deciding on ½ cup of stuffing per person, you can simply consider 1 cup per person. Which is likely to require more boxes of stuffing.


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Choosing the amount of stuffing needed per person can be overwhelming and frustrating, therefore, it is very important to decide on the number of stuffing each person will need, rightly.

If you will be dealing with people, probably who like stuffing, or hungry beings, then you need to consider preparing a higher number of stuffing to enable it to go round to all your guests.


In this article, I have provided you with a detailed answer to the question of how much stuffing you will be needing per person.

Updated: July 21, 2022 — 11:21 pm

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