Basic List of Badminton Equipment and Its Functions

List of Badminton Equipment and Its Functions

Badminton is a sport activity that is very popular with most people from all walks of life because it is a cheap and affordable sport, and its enthusiasts range from children to adults.

Usually, many people play badminton on indoor courts to avoid wind gusts that can interfere with the running of badminton. Badminton is played with the aim of turning off the shuttlecock around the opponent’s area, and getting a score to continue to the next session.

To do badminton, it is necessary to use the main tool called a racket and shuttlecock. Usually, those who play badminton consist of 2 people for a single party or 4 people for a double party with 2 opposing pairs.

Racket and shuttlecock have a function that badminton lovers should know about, then there are several other types of equipment that must be prepared to play badminton. Take a look at the following explanation to find out a more complete list of badminton equipment.

Equipment Name Function
Field To play badminton requires a special field that is quite wide and rectangular because players will tend to move here and there and play badminton more freely.
Field Lines As a sign for every badminton player with its predetermined conditions.
Net Used as a boundary between opponents placed in the middle of the field. The net is shaped like a fishnet with many holes in the shape of a square and extending long sideways.
Net Poles Its function is to hang the net and it is located on the edge of the middle of the court, then it is tied tight enough so that it does not come off easily.
Badminton Shoes To withstand the stability of the body posture and withstand smashes from opponents who tend to be tight, as well as smoothing every player’s movement during playing badminton.
Badminton Socks Providing the feet comfort when stepping on the badminton court during the game.
Shuttlecock Its function is being an object that is hit by one player to another. Shuttlecock also determines the score achieved by each player.
Badminton Racket The racket is used by the hand to hit, pass, and block the shuttlecock to the opponent.
Handgrip Racket Used on the handle of the racket to make it more comfortable and not slippery when held by the hand.
Strings Used on a racket and serves to bounce the shuttlecock towards the opponent.
Dekker or Protective Equipment As protective equipment for badminton players. Dekker is usually used on the wrist or on the knee.
T-Shirt and Pants Its function is to absorb sweat during the badminton game.
Water Bottle It is used to store water and can be drunk at the time of changing sessions because badminton players also need water to avoid dehydration.
Towel To clean sweat, because, during the badminton game, you will sweat quite a lot.
Badminton Bag Used to carry rackets and other equipment. Many people tend to carry more than one racket.

All badminton equipment mentioned above, there are some items that are mandatory and not mandatory for badminton players. This depends on how serious you are in playing badminton.

If you only play for regular sports, you may only need a racket, shuttlecock, shoes, and a location that is large enough and strategic to play badminton. If you play on an indoor court, you may need more than that, namely a racket, shuttlecock, towels, T-shirts and pants, badminton bag, and an adequate badminton court are needed.

And don’t forget to always bring a drink in a water bottle. It is advisable to bring mineral water to avoid dehydration during the game.

For the athlete level, it is highly recommended to have all badminton equipment, because all of them will be useful and will make it easier for badminton athletes, especially Dekkers and handgrips. Both are needed for the comfort of athletes when playing badminton.

Do not forget to always prepare more than one shuttlecock, because sometimes it will not reflect as expected. It can be deflected if it has been used for too long. Because the hairs that stick around will also fall out, this can complicate badminton. Choose shuttlecock with good quality.

In addition, it is advisable to have more than one racket, because it often occurs in the middle of a badminton session that the strings on the racket break because they are too tight when you are blocking or when you are doing a smash.

The spare racket can be used at unexpected times such as the event. We recommend that you choose a badminton racket that is strong and durable when used.

That is the explanation of the article regarding a list of badminton equipment that is better for people who are interested in badminton, either in serious games or regular games which are only for ordinary sports. You can prepare the above equipment before playing badminton or even bring more than one piece of equipment to be used.

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