5 Piece Blackened Tenders Popeyes Price

In February 2018, Popeyes announced the release of their new 5 piece blackened tenders popeyes goes for $4.99. The new 5 Piece Blackened Tenders are made from all-white-meat chicken and come with a side of mashed potatoes and a biscuit.

Popeyes also announced that they will be releasing the new meal on March 1st, 2018 at all participating locations nationwide.

Popeyes is a restaurant chain that serves fried chicken, seafood, and fast food. It was founded in New Orleans in the year 1972.

The Popeyes menu includes items such as:

  • Chicken strips
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Spicy and grilled varieties
  • Tenders, and strips; seafood
  • Shrimp, fish, crawfish etouffee

Popeyes Blackened Ranch Nutrition


Popeyes has been a household name for decades. It is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the United States. Popeyes offers a variety of chicken dishes, such as fried, grilled, or blackened chicken.

The Blackened Ranch Chicken Sandwich is made with battered and blackened chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and cheddar cheese on a toasted bun. The sandwich also contains ranch dressing. The Popeyes Blackened Ranch Nutrition information shows that it contains 510 calories and 50 grams of fat per serving size.


5 Piece Blackened Tenders Popeyes Price


Some people are not a fan of Popeyes chicken. However, they are a fan of the 5 Piece Blackened Tenders Popeyes Price.

Their chicken is made with a special blend of herbs and spices and it is marinated for 12 hours in buttermilk before being battered and fried. They also use two types of frying oil to achieve the perfect flavor and texture.

The price for this meal is $6.99 which includes five pieces of blackened chicken tenders, Cajun fries, coleslaw, biscuit, and dipping sauce. Popeyes also has other items on their menu that can be ordered as well such as fried shrimp, fried fish, grilled chicken sandwiches, PO-boys, and red beans & rice.



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Blackened Tenders Popeyes Price 2022


Name Quantity Price
Superfood Salad Tray – Delivery Large $17.50
Superfood Salad Tray – Pickup Small $21.00
Superfood Salad Tray – Delivery Large $26.50
Baked Potato Regular – Pickup $1.65
Baked Potato Loaded – Delivery $2.05
Baked Potato Regular – Pickup $2.65
Baked Potato Loaded – Delivery $3.30
Fruit Cup – Pickup Small $2.05
Fruit Cup – Delivery Small $2.55
Fruit Cup – Pickup Medium $2.75
Fruit Cup – Delivery Medium $3.45
Fruit Cup – Pickup Large $4.25
Fruit Cup – Delivery Large $5.30
Chicken Salad – Pickup Medium $3.19
Chicken Salad – Delivery Medium $4.00
Chicken Salad – Pickup Large $5.15
Chicken Salad – Delivery Large $6.45
Chicken Salad Tray – Pickup Small $16.50




Popeyes is a company that specializes in chicken. They have a variety of different dishes, but their most famous dish is their fried chicken. Popeyes also has other dishes such as shrimp, fried seafood, and even biscuits and sweet tea.

Popeyes offers five pieces of blackened tenders for $4.99 for the combo meal which includes fries and a drink. The blackened tenders are made with a Cajun-style seasoning and they are freshly hand-battered before cooking to guarantee that they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

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